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Woodley Members,

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am certainly ready for winter to end and am looking forward to the Woodley 2014 Summer Season.  Warm days enjoying the pool sound really good about now as we get ready for another potential snow storm.

As some of you may know, the Woodley Recreation Association is celebrating a 60th Anniversary this year.  In 1954, a group of neighbors met, agreed to form the organization, and made plans to build the pool and other facilities.  The pool officially opened for swimming a year later in May of 1955.  It is pretty amazing to think about what they were able to accomplish within a year.

In recognition of our 60th Anniversary, Delegate Marcus Simon presented a resolution to the Virginia General Assembly recognizing Woodley for its contributions to the local community.  Delegate Simon is involved with his local pool and wanted to recognize other pools within the 53rd District that were celebrating milestone anniversaries.  House Joint Resolution No. 409 was passed earlier this month by both the House and the Senate.  Attached to this email is a copy of the Resolution recognizing Woodley.

Membership forms have been sent out and many payments have already been made.  In addition to a strong number of returning families, we also have several new families already joining as well.  More details on the prices and membership deadline are provided below.  To get a better idea of our membership numbers a little earlier, we would ask that you complete the short survey by CLICKING HERE.  It should take all of a minute to complete, but will greatly help in our planning.

I would like to ask for volunteers for our Social Committee.  One of our Board goals for this year is to revive some of the committees that were active in order to better support our larger membership.  We would like help from the members brainstorming some new ideas and organizing an event or two.  The time commitment would be a planning meeting for an hour or two in the upcoming weeks and then a few hours to plan and organize an event.  Traditionally, once we have a leader for an event, we usually have many volunteers to help run it.  Melisa Banks, our Social Committee Board Member, and others that have helped in the past will be there to assist.  If you are interested in helping, please reply to this email.

Finally, word of mouth is our best source of new members, so if you have any friends or family that might be interested, please let them know about our Pool Preview on May 18 or point them to our website,www.WoodleyPool.org.  Woodley is approaching capacity and the Board has been closely watching our numbers over the past two years.  If you have friends that are interested, please encourage them to sign up sooner rather than later.

Stay warm, hope that spring comes soon, and see you at the pool on May 24th,

Rob Wilson

WRA President 2014



Membership forms for current Woodley Members have been mailed along with the Plant Sale Order Form (More on the Plant Sale below.) and should have been received.  For processing purposes, we would prefer if you used this form with the pre-printed label on the back of the form.  Current member and new member forms are available on the website atwww.WoodleyPool.org and then click on the Membership tab.  

The rates for Woodley Memberships have remained essentially unchanged from last year.  The only change is the late fee, which has been raised to $50.  Also, please note that memberships for previous members must be paid in full by May 10 to avoid the late fee.  Yes, this is a change from previous years.  Since we are approaching our membership limits, we want to have a better idea of our returning membership earlier than opening day in order to better gauge the number of new members we can accept.  We are also hoping that this will cut down on the congestion at the front desk on that first Saturday and keep our membership chair from having to reprint the membership list every two hours.

Since we have received a couple of questions regarding share purchases in the past few weeks, here is a quick overview in case there are others that have similar questions:

  • As is the case with many of the community pools in the Northern Virginia area, Woodley is a non-profit, member owned pool.  The share purchase represents a member’s ownership interest in the Woodley Recreation Association.

  • Shares must be purchased at the start of the 3rd season of membership.  The 3rd year rule applies whether or not the first two seasons were consecutive years or not.

  • At this time, shares may be purchased from the pool for a one time cost of $150.  Shares may also be purchase from another member at a negotiated price plus a $10 transfer paid to the pool to cover the cost of issuing a new certificate.

  • As an example, if you joined the pool for the 2012 Season and the 2013 Season as a Family Membership, the 2014 Season would be the 3rd season of membership and the share purchase is required.  The payment would be the $450 for the membership plus the $150 share purchase for a total of $600.  Next year, for the 2015 Season, the payment would return to just the cost of the Family Membership.

  • There are additional rules for maintaining your share, but basically, if you are a member for the season, your share will remain in good standing.

  • Details concerning share purchases, transfers, and maintaining share status are found in the Woodley Recreation Association By-Laws.

If you have any Membership questions, please reply to this email or contact our Membership Chair, Janet Sims, at 703-207-3098.



Mindy Cozart is interested in selling her Woodley share to another pool member.  If you are interested, please contact Mindy directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that share purchases between members are between the members and that the Woodley Board is not involved with the negotiations.  The Board must be notified of the transfer and provided with the original certificate plus a $10 transfer fee prior to issuing the new certificate and recording the transfer in the membership records.


POOL PREVIEW – MAY 18 – 11:00 TO 4:00

The annual Pool Preview is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, from 11:00 to 4:00.  If you know anyone interesting in joining a pool for the summer, please let them know about this opportunity to view the facility and sign up for membership.  Board members will be on hand to give tours and answer questions.



Get ready now for your Spring Flowers and Garden Plants with the Woodley Flower and Bedding Plant Sale and support the association at the same time.  Order forms were included with the membership form mailings.  Select from a variety of flower packs, hanging baskets, vegetable packs, and herb flats.  Orders are due Saturday, April 19, and will be ready for pick-up at the pool on Saturday, May 3, between 9:00 and 12:00 noon.  The Plant Sale is open to everyone, so feel free to copy the order form and pass it along to friends and neighbors.



Planning is well underway for the Swim & Dive Teams.  The meet schedules are taking shape and will be available shortly.  

The Woodley Dive Team will remain in Division 6 for the 2014 season.  There are four returning teams in Division 6 this year and 2 new teams.  The Dive Team is very pleased to announce that Coach Emily Sturges will return as head coach for the fourth year.  We are also happy to welcome back Bobby Dubas as our assistant coach.  The Dive Team saw a big jump in our membership last season and all divers made a lot of progress.  We cannot wait for the 2014 season to begin!

The Woodley Swim Team has moved up from Division 15 to Division 13 and will be competing against some pretty tough teams, but will certainly rise to the occasion.  The Swim Team is also pleased to announce that Coach John Leber will be our new head coach.  Coach Leber currently works with the USA year round swim team - Potomac Marlins and has previously been the head coach at Lake Braddock, Burke Station, and Ravensworth.  We are also pleased to welcome back James Sturges and Kara Sims as assistant coaches. Additionally, Woodley has been selected for a second year to host the NVSL Division Relay Carnival on Wednesday, July 9.  The five other swim teams from Division 13 along with our Woodley Warriors will compete during a busy but exciting evening of swim relays.  Hopefully, it will not rain…

More information will be provided on Swim & Dive Team registration as it becomes available.  The teams will still hold an informational session at the pool on the evening of May 18.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Swim or Dive Team Representatives.

Swim Team:

Robin Tingley: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patricia Herrity :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dive Team:

Teri Flach: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carolyn Suarez: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



NVPools, the company that provides our lifeguards and manages the daily operations of our pool during the summer, is still hiring lifeguards for Woodley and other local pools.  For more information, please visit the NVPools website at www.nvpools.com.



The Woodley Recreation Association Annual Shareholder Meeting was held on September 1, 2013.  The meeting provided an opportunity for the Board to present the state of the association including activities completed over the past year, plans for the next year, and the financial state of the association.  At the conclusion of the meeting, elections were held for four of the nine positions.  Carrie McCall, Ron Massaro, Deirdre Prahm, Ken Sims, and Rob Wilson were elected to serve a 2-year term along with Melisa Banks, Rachel Burgess, Sarah Nash, and Mary van Wijngaarden who will continue with the second year of their terms.

At the first regular Board Meeting following the Shareholder Meeting, the Board assigned positions.  For the most part, Board Members retained their previous positions.  The only change was that Deirdre Prahm will be the Recording Secretary.  The Membership Chair position that was held by a Board Member for the past several years has been reverted back to a non-Board Member position as a Committee Chair.  Janet Sims has volunteered to serve as the Membership Committee Chair.  The complete list of Board Members is listed at the end of this email.



You can also support the pool through our ongoing fundraiser, which is the sale of Giant Food Grocery Cards.  Place your order on the Woodley Website, or call Carol Ofiesh at 703-641-0729.  Cards are available in $100 denominations.  For every $100 card purchased, Giant Food donates $5 to Woodley Pool.




Rob Wilson

Vice President

Mary van Wijngaarden


Sarah Nash

Recording Secretary

Deirdre Prahm


Rachel Burgess

Board Liaison

Carrie McCall

Social Secretary

Melisa Banks


Ron Massaro


Ken Sims

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