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Woodley Members,

Although there is still some snow left from the January Blizzard, we are halfway through the Off-Season and that means planning is in full gear for the Woodley 2016 Season.  It is also when you would be receiving your 2016 Woodley Membership Form in your mailbox.  Well, we are happy to announce Woodley registration is finally going online!  Additionally, the rates and membership structure will be the same as last year. Go to www.WoodleyPool.org, click on the Membership Tab, and sign-up now for the 2016 Season!  We have already had several inquiries from new families and individuals interested in joining our pool and are projecting membership to be strong again this year.  Don’t delay!  Last season Woodley pool membership reached capacity.  The Board will be closely watching our numbers during the registration period, and I would strongly encourage you to sign up sooner rather than later.

We have had a few changes to the Board of Directors as a result of the elections during the Annual Shareholder Meeting last September.  First, I would like to recognize our outgoing Board Members and thank Ron Massaro for his many years as the Operations Lead, Melisa Banks for her years as the Social Committee Chair, and Deirdre Prahm for returning to the Board as Secretary for two years.  The volunteer time and effort Ron, Melisa, and Deirdre have given have been crucial in ensuring that Woodley opens each year and remains a great community organization.

Joining the Board are Josh Byrd, Matt Lammer, and Matt Pollack.  Josh has been a longtime Woodley Member and is usually found with a book at one of the tables or as the Chief Timer for one of our swim meets.  Josh will be the Woodley Secretary.  Matt Pollack is filling one of the two Operations positions.  Matt spent his summers growing up at Poplar Heights off Shreve Road as a lifeguard and a member of the swim team.  Matt Lammer is our Membership Board Member.  (During the September Meeting, the Board decided to make Membership a Board Position and to make Social Committee Chair a non-voting Committee Position.)  Matt has previous experience with homeowner and other community associations.  Heather Wilson has volunteered to be the Social Committee Chair.  She is another long time member of Woodley and has assisted with a number of social events.  

Woodley’s Swim and Dive Team will also have changes in their representatives this year.  Robin Tingley and Tricia Herrity are stepping down after several years as our Swim Representatives and Teri Flach is stepping down as our long-term Dive Representative.  Filling their large flippers are Holly Maginniss and JoAnne Maldando as Swim Representatives and LeddyAnne Dell and Lesya Yeatman as Dive Representatives.  Robin, Tricia, and Teri, thank you for the many hours on the pool deck coordinating all those meets!

Finally, word of mouth is our best source of new members, so if you have any friends or family that might be interested, please point them to our website,www.WoodleyPool.org.  

Stay warm, hope that spring comes soon, and see you at the pool on May 28, 2016.  

Rob Wilson

WRA President 2016



Registration and payment is now available online atwww.WoodleyPool.org and then clicking on the Membership Tab.  The rates for Woodley Memberships are unchanged from last year and there is no longer a surcharge for credit card payments when payment is made through the website.  Please remember that the online Membership Form and Full Payment must be completed by April 30 to receive the early registration discount of $50.

Since we usually receive questions regarding share purchases, here is a quick overview:

  • Like many of the community pools in the Northern Virginia area, Woodley is a non-profit, member owned pool.  The share purchase represents a member’s ownership interest in the Woodley Recreation Association.
  • Shares must be purchased at the start of the 3rd season of membership.  The 3rd year rule applies whether or not the first two seasons were consecutive.
  • At this time, shares may be purchased from the pool for a one-time cost of $200.  Shares may also be purchase from another member at a negotiated price plus a $25 transfer paid to the pool to cover the cost of issuing a new certificate.
  • As an example, if you joined the pool for the 2014 Season and the 2015 Season with a Family Membership, the 2016 Season would be the 3rd season of membership and the share purchase is required.  Assuming the early registration discount applies, the payment would be the $450 for the Family membership plus the $200 share purchase for a total of $650.  Next year, for the 2017 Season, the payment would return to just the cost of the Family Membership.
  • There are additional rules for maintaining your share, but basically, if you are a member for the season, your share will remain in good standing.
  • Details concerning share purchases, transfers, and maintaining share status are found in the Woodley Recreation Association By-Laws.

If you have Membership-related questions or comments, please send an email to our new Membership Email Address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also, please let us know how the new online registration worked for you.  We welcome your comments and recommendations so we can make it even better.



President Rob Wilson
Vice President Mary van Wijngaarden
Treasurer Sarah Nash
Recording Secretary Josh Byrd
Comptroller Dan Stevens
Board Liaison Carrie McCall
Membership Matt Lammer
Operations Matt Pollack
Operations Ken Sims



If you are not returning to Woodley and wish to be removed from our mailing list, please CLICK HERE.

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