Woodley Recreation Association, Inc.
A non-profit, member owned community swimming pool


  •  Only members in good standing and their guests will be admitted to the premises. A list of paid members will be maintained at the front desk. Members and guests must sign in and be validated before entering premises.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol will be denied admittance into the premises. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises, except on those occasions specifically designated as Adult Nights or as specified by the Board.
  • Anyone entering the pool and/or pool area who, by his/her actions, may be detrimental to the health or safety of any other person or to him/herself shall be asked to leave the pool property by the manager on duty.
  • Conduct deemed offensive or disorderly by the manager on duty shall be cause for ejection from the pool property.
  • Children 8 years and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. The only exception will be designated practice periods for swim/dive team members.
  • All bathers will shower with soap and water before using the pool. All bathers engaged in any sports activities shall retake a shower with soap and water before re-entering the pool.
  • Bathers will enter the pool only through the entrances provided. Passing over, under, or through the ropes is prohibited.
  • Members and guests will ensure that their children avail themselves of toilet facilities before entering the pool.
  • Infants and toddlers who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers in order to enter the water. Swim diapers are available for a small fee at the front desk.
  • Bathers with skin diseases, open sores, colds, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or communicable diseases will not be allowed to use the pool.
  • Patrons will not interfere with lifeguards in performance of duties. All persons are required to stay clear of lifeguard stands, unless called by the lifeguard. Bathers shall not carry on conversations with lifeguards on duty in lifeguard stands, unless pertaining to n emergency and/or official business.
  • No pets are permitted on the premises.
  • No food is allowed on the pool deck. Food, beverages, and other edibles are permitted only at designated areas where tables are located. Tables are not to be moved from these designated areas.
  • All trash and litter shall be placed in refuse containers provided.
  • There is no smoking allowed on the property. This includes the parking lot.
  • Ball playing will be regulated and confined to areas designated by the management. Running, pushing, wrestling, or causing undue disturbance in or around the pool area will not be tolerated and will be cause for ejection from the pool property. No ball playing under the pavilion.
  • Athletic equipment will be issued only upon proper signature. Persons signing out athletic equipment will be responsible for its care, return and replacement if damaged or lost.
  • Bicycles must be kept in the bicycle rack provided for that purpose and shall not be ridden within the confines of the fenced-in area. Riding of bicycles and skateboards is prohibited in the parking and fenced-in areas. Staff may put their bicycles in the shed. No unlicensed or unregistered motor vehicles will be permitted on the pool property.
  • Woodley Recreation Association, Inc. will not assume responsibility for loss of personal items within the pool area or on pool property. Staff members will not assume responsibility for the safekeeping of valuables or other personal items.
  • The cost of any damage to Association property caused willfully or as a result of failure to obey the operating rules and regulations will be charged to the responsible member of the Association or to the sponsoring member if a guest is responsible for the damage.
  • The manager on duty shall have authority to close the pool in the interest of safety during poor weather conditions or because of operational difficulties.
  • Complaints shall be directed to the pool manager or assistant pool manager on duty. Written suggestions or complaints should be placed in the suggestion box near the manager's office.
  • The staff will be responsible for the strict enforcement of the rules and will be authorized to temporarily deprive a member or guest use of the Association facilities. A written statement will be filed with a Board member within 12 hours whenever a staff member takes such action.
  • The pool may be closed at various times during the operating year in deference to accommodating special events approved by the Board of Directors.
  • On Saturdays when competitive swim meets are held at the Association, the pool will be open for general swimming when guards resume normal supervision of the pool.
  • Association parking lot speed is 5 miles per hour. No parking is permitted at any time in front of the double gates.
  • Adults or children suspected by any staff member of using illegal drugs will be warned that legal action may follow. Parents of children associated with the above at the time will also be informed. Anyone caught using illegal drugs will be turned in to the police.


  • Non-swimmers are not permitted in the area of the pool where the depth is greater than five (5) feet. In addition, non-swimmer children under eight (8) years of age must be accompanied and properly supervised in the pool by a qualified member.
  • A rest period will be called for 15 minutes before the hour until the hour. Children 14 years and under shall leave the pool and the pool deck during that time.
  • Only qualified swimmers may have access to any area of the pool. The be classified as a qualified swimmer, persons over 13 years of age may be required to pass a swimmer test at the discretion of the manager. Children through 12 years of age will be required to pass a swimming test administered by the manager or lifeguard in order to be classified as a qualified swimmer. To pass the test, each swimmer must be capable of at least:

          a. Swimming one length of the pool or its equivalent, and

          b. Treading water for one minute

  • The manager has the authority to require the presence of a responsible individual at poolside for the supervision of any swimmer if, in his/her opinion, conditions warrant such action.
  • Spitting, spouting water, blowing of nose, etc., are strictly prohibited in the pool.
  • Ducking, boisterous conduct, or rough play, other than supervised sports, will not be permitted in the pool.
  • Running on the pool apron or pushing persons into the pools is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of kickboards, tubes, air mattresses and other flotation devices will be regulated at the discretion of the manager. The use of water balls or other objects designed for throwing or capable of being thrown is prohibited within the pool, except for organized games.
  • Facemasks and swimming goggles (plastic or tempered glass only) are permitted in the pool. Facemasks, goggles, and arm flotation devices are not permitted when diving.
  • Only one person is permitted on the diving board or ladder at a time. Boisterous conduct or rough play on the board will not be tolerated, nor will climbing or hanging on the sides of the board. The board is to be used only for jumping or diving forward into the pool. There will be no jumping or diving toward the sides of the pool. Continuous bouncing on the board is not permitted – one bounce is sufficient to complete a dive. Those who for any reason are unable to complete a dive or jump after reaching the board should request assistance from the guard.
  • No diving from the board until the previous diver has reached the ladder.
  • No running off the diving board.
  • No inward or reverse dives, unless there is a coach on the pool deck.
  • No back jumps, back dives, somersaults, flips or spinning off the deck.
  • Divers upon surfacing shall swim either out of the diving area or to the nearest ladder in the diving area and leave the pool. General swimming in the diving area is at the sole discretion of the manager if the board is not in use.
  • Diving from the concrete deck at the side of the pool in the diving area when the diving board is in use, or from the side of the lane designated as a lap lane, is prohibited. A designated area for unobstructed (lap) swimming will be provided, conditions permitting. No playing is permitted in the lap lanes.
  • Swimmers may not use the Training Area except for supervision of non-swimmers.
  • Only children five (5) years of age and under are permitted to use the baby pool and they must be accompanied by a responsible person 13 years or older in the fenced-in baby pool area. Children 5 years and under must never be left unattended in the baby pool area.
  • Playpens and strollers/carriages are permitted on the baby pool apron for parents and or responsible persons. However, the lawn chairs are not to impede a child's entry to or exit from the baby pool. The lawn chairs are not permitted on the rim of the pool (coping stones) or in the baby pool water itself. Lawn chairs must be removed from the apron after use.
  • Only soft, unbreakable toys or play objects are permitted in the baby pool area.
  • Only swimming attire is allowed in the pool, unless some other type is necessary for medical reasons, in which case a signed note from a parent or treating physician will be required.


  • Pool memberships must include at least one adult age 21 or over. Children cannot be members without an adult on the membership.
  • Parents who do not join the pool cannot put their children on someone else's membership.
  • Memberships are limited to residents of the same household.
  • Relatives who are full-time residents of a member's household are eligible for membership.
  • Summer house guests who visit and reside with a member for at least one month are eligible for membership.
  • Babysitters who care for members' children ages 13 and under on a regular and frequent basis and who are not themselves members of the pool, may be admitted while accompanying the members' children upon payment of a seasonal fee as determined by the Board.
  • Members who babysit non-member children may bring them onto the premises only upon payment of a seasonal fee as determined by the Board. A written letter of intent must be submitted to the Board prior to payment of the seasonal fee.


  • Members must have a paid-up dues card on file at the front gate in order to be admitted to the premises.
  • Dues refunds will be made only at the discretion of the Board.
  • Non-members will be admitted to the premises only upon purchase of a guest ticket and only when accompanied by a member.
  • Guest tickets may be limited at the discretion of the manager if conditions so warrant.
  • Members will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • Guests may re-enter the pool the same day without additional charge provided they have their dated, stamped guest pass.
  • Special parties (i.e., birthday, sports team, school classes, etc.) must have prior approval of the manager, along with a list of attendees provided in advance. A guest fee ticket per non-member (adult and child) is required. If over 25 persons, the activity must have Board approval.


Violations of the General Rules or Swimming Rules may result in a warning or in suspension of privileges as follows:

a) After a warning to the concerned party, the manager on duty may suspend privileges by having the member or guest removed from the premises for a maximum of 24 hours.

b) In the case of repeated violations, the manager or assistant manager may suspend privileges by having the member or guest removed from the premises for a maximum of 3 days. In all such cases a letter of explanation shall be sent to the member by the Board of Directors.

c) Unauthorized entry into the premises when pool is closed may result in suspension of privileges for the remainder of the season and/or legal prosecution at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

d) Every effort will be made to notify parents in the event their children are evicted from the pool for the day due to misbehavior.

e) Any conduct which in the opinion of the staff and/or Board of Directors would interfere with the health and/or safety of pool patrons and not identified in any other rule will be cause for suspension from the pool facilities, and this suspension will remain in effect until such time as the Board can meet and determine further action, if any, to be taken.

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