May 2020 Season Update

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Woodley Recreation Association
May 2020

REMINDER: Early Bird pricing ends at midnight on Friday, May 15th. That is tomorrow! Do not delay! Click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this email to register today!

***If you have already registered for the season and are sending in your payment by mail, PLEASE NOTE that your check must be postmarked by May 15th to qualify for the Early Bird rate.

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COVID-19 and 2020 Season Update 


As we are now in mid-May, and the Early Bird deadline is here, we wanted to share with you what we know, what we think we know, and provide an updated status on opening the pool this summer.

First, please know that the Board continues to prepare, along with our pool management company, to open the pool on June 13th as stated in our previous update. We feel it is important to continue to progress toward that end, and we still believe we will get there. We said in our last email that we intend to keep faith with our shareholders and members, and so in that spirit, we wanted to provide this update prior to the Early Bird period expiring.

While we still do not know with certainty when we will be able to open, June 13th remains our best assessment. Under the phased reopening approach announced by the Governor, Phase I is scheduled to begin on May 15th (noting, however, that Fairfax County is among those counties that recently requested two extra weeks to move to Phase 1). We do not anticipate opening under Phase I.

Under Phase 2, according to our most current information, gatherings of up to 50 people will be allowed. Note that we hope that as businesses reopen, rules specific to the operation of outdoor pools will be devised that will provide greater clarity and flexibility for Woodley and other pools. We are preparing to open under Phase 2. As you can see, we must prepare for the possibility of restrictions on the number of people that may be on pool grounds at one time, at least in the first few weeks. This remains a fluid situation, and the circumstances can, and probably will, change. We ask your patience as we continue to work through these issues.

In light of this, members should be prepared for the possibility of operating restrictions and enhanced safety precautions which will make the pool experience a bit different than what we are all used to. The only decisions that have been made to date are that (1) guests will not be allowed to use our facilities this summer, it will members only (guest passes that have already been purchased will be honored next summer, or may be donated to the pool); and (2) there will be no Pavilion Rentals. The other matters below are possibilities based on how the next few weeks unfold.

Our Goal. In crafting rules to observe and adhere to operating restrictions, the Board will be guided by the following principles.
• Produce clear and easy-to-understand rules concerning access to minimize confusion.
• Ensure an equitable approach that allows equal opportunity for all to safely enjoy the pool this summer.
• Avoid lines and unnecessary congestion at the front desk, in the Pavilion, and other areas.
• Avoid undue stress on the life guards (who are mostly kids) in having to enforce these policies.

Safety. Safety is our number one priority. Members should be prepared for some or all the following safety precautions, at least during Phase 2 and likely the whole Summer.
• Enhanced cleaning of the bathhouses and pool deck.
• The requirement that masks be worn while entering and exiting the facility.
• Fewer tables and chairs on the lawn to facilitate physical distancing.
• "Sneeze" guard at the front guard desk.
• No formal social events, at least while we are under capacity limitations.
• No water gun/raft nights.
• Meeting food delivery drivers outside in the parking lot to keep the front desk clear.
• No lost and found.

Access Restrictions. Unfortunately, at least early on, members should be prepared for some or all of the following access restrictions in order to comply with County and State requirements.
• Opening the pool to members in blocks of time to facilitate cleaning and to provide equitable opportunity for all members to enjoy the pool. This may include a requirement to sign up for specific blocks of time.
• Strict sign in policy, and possibly sign outs, to manage capacity.
• As stated above, no guests or Pavilion rentals.
• Grills, vending machines, refrigerators, or the ice machine may be locked and off-limits. In other words, we would ask that you bring your prepared food and beverages with you, and take them home when you leave.
Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding during this time. We are all in this together, and we share your hope that the pool will open this summer so we can all have a little "normal" restored to our lives. Rest assured we are working hard to that end.

We will update you over the next weeks and month as we move toward opening the pool. Again, we ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

Stay safe, everyone, and we hope to see you at the pool in June!

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Membership Information 

Consider Purchasing a Share: If you have not previously purchased a share, you have the option of becoming a part owner of Woodley by purchasing a Share (called a Bond in the membership system), during registration. Becoming a Shareholder entitles you to:
• Discounted membership rates; up to $95 off a Family Membership.
• A guaranteed spot each year. Non-shareholders memberships are first-come first serve.
• For any association decisions requiring a vote, each share is entitled to one vote.

The Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) Executive Board has decided to cancel the 2020 summer swim/dive season. Our hearts are broken as this would have been the league's 65th anniversary and as charter members of the NVSL, ours too. Like the NVSL, our first priority has always been the safety of our swimmers and divers.

On behalf of the Woodley Warriors Swim and Dive teams we are disappointed for all of our swimmer/divers but most of all our Seniors. We are hopeful that later on this summer we will be able to come together as Warriors and celebrate our Seniors in some way. Today we start planning for 2021 Woodley Warrior 65th anniversary of the Swim and Dive Season!

Find Your Woodley Membership Cards: Your Woodley Membership Card from last season will be used again this season, so dig though those pool bags and swimsuit pockets to find your cards. If you can't find them, please let us know as soon as possible. Request replacement cards HERE.

Finally, the Board is busy planning for the season. It takes a village to make the pool run smoothly and efficiently, while keeping costs low. Let us know if you can lend us a helping hand. We are looking for cleaners, organizers and generally handy people to help with tasks at the pool.

If you have friends or neighbors who are interested in Woodley, please let them know that registration will be available on February 1st. Information and registration for new members will be available on the WEBSITE.

If you have any questions please EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you at the pool.

Membership Committee
Jen Keefer, Jon Clark, Matt Pollack


WRA June 2020
Woodley Pool 2020 Season Update

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