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Woodley Recreation Association
June 11, 2020



Following the Governor's announcement that Northern Virginia may move into Phase 2 this weekend, we are pleased to announce that Woodley Pool will be opening on Monday, June 15th. The Board, our management company, and other volunteers will be working through the weekend to get everything ready. As a reminder, the State has emphasized that the purpose of Phase 2 activities at pools is exercise, and social distancing must still be practiced. Play or recreational swimming is not allowed. The pool will open for lap swimming and diving, under the following capacity restrictions:

• 50 member max capacity.

• 3 swimmers per lane, for a total of 18 lap swimming "slots" for reservation at any one time.
• 3 dive "slots" for reservation at any one time.
• Each lap swimmer and diver reserving a slot may be accompanied by one other individual (and in the case of kids 12 and under, they must be). These individuals need not be exercising, but they must leave at the end of the reserved time. Those accompanying kids 12 and under must be over 18 and remain on the premises until the swimmer leaves.

Click here to find a detailed description of how to reserve lap swimming or dive slots. It will also be posted on our website. You will need your eSoft login credentials, and the site can be accessed here.

As we've said before, these are truly unique circumstances under which we are opening our pool, and we are delighted to be able to open at all. We are all in this together, and we ask that everyone be patient and work with one other as we move forward.


• Safety remains our number one priority, for our members and for the lifeguards working at Woodley this summer.
• Per Virginia Department of Health guidelines, every member MUST be checked prior to entry into the pool. We will accomplish this by posting a sign next to the check-in counter with disqualifying symptoms. You will be required to affirm to the lifeguard checking you in that you are free of those symptoms. We ask that everyone be honest with themselves and do a self check before coming. If you are sick, it is best to stay home.
• Members must wear face masks entering and exiting the facility. While on the grounds, you should continue to wear a face mask when you cannot maintain proper social distance. Face masks should not be worn in the pool.
• There will be social distancing markers placed at the entrance to the facility, and at the diving boards. Please observe these markers.
• We ask that members who are sitting at tables clean the tables before and after use using the supplied disinfecting hand wipes. We will not be placing pool chairs out on the grounds at this time. Members must bring their own chairs. This is to reduce the shared use of chairs to enhance safety.
• The lifeguards will be observing increased cleaning protocols. We ask that everyone be patient and allow them to do their work. This is in the interest of all our members and families.

Lap Swimming, Diving, and Reserving Slots

• Time may be reserved in 30 minute blocks. Lap swimmers and divers may reserve up to two blocks in a row.
• As stated above, there are a total number of slots available for each block. You will reserve a slot, not a specific lane. If there are less than 18 swimmers at a time, you should space yourself out accordingly.
• Scheduling will be limited to 48 hours in advance, so scheduling for Monday will open Saturday morning.
• The first two hours the pool is open each day will be reserved for members who are 18 and over. During this time, only members 18 and over may enter the facility and pool grounds.
• Lap swimmers of all ages who have passed the swim test may access the grounds and swim laps or dive during the remaining open hours not reserved for 18+.
• Lap swimmers 12 and under must be accompanied by a member who is a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult (18+) on the membership. This individual must remain on site to supervise, but need not be in the pool during lap swimming.
• There is no minimum age to swim laps, but swimmers 12 and under must pass the swim test (swim one length of the pool without stopping/touching bottom, followed by treading water for 1 minute). Parents must not sign up their children for lap swimming if they cannot swim laps.
• Due to the capacity limits, swimmers and divers must leave the pool after their reserved blocks of time have passed. We will have new groups coming coming in, and the flux will cause us to approach capacity potentially several times a day.

Priority for Lane Placement

We are largely leaving it up to members to organize themselves in lanes, but want to note three special cases:

• Handicap swimmers or swimmers requiring assistance getting into and out of the pool will have priority for the lane next to the handicap chair.
• Family units will have priority to be placed into the same lane. This increases the safety of everyone and will provide a better experience for families.
• In order to help manage the difficulty of having slower swimmers, or younger kids, swimming in lanes with faster swimmers, the two lanes closest to the dive well will be designated "fast lanes." This is for reference only, and will not be policed by the guards.

We ask for everyone's forbearance, courtesy, and good will in facilitating these lane assignments. If you see a family of three, please be willing accommodate their use of the same lane. Same with anyone requiring assistance getting into and out of the pool who will need to use the handicap chair or the stairs.

Finally, we will continuously evaluate these rules, and will adjust as needed, and when allowed by the State and Fairfax County. As we said in the last email, this really is a team effort, and we ask that everyone adhere to the guidelines, respect others' space, and if you are a parent of a child, please remember that you are responsible for their conduct and for their maintaining social distancing (as well as your own). Safety first means adhering to the rules, especially those that direct you to stay home if you feel sick.

Questions or concerns? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See you at the pool.

The Board


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