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Woodley Recreation Association
June 30, 2020

Phase 3 Transition


We are pleased to announce that Woodley Pool will be transitioning to Phase 3 operations under the State's Forward Virginia guidelines, beginning Monday, July 6th.  That means the Pool will continue to operate under Phase 2 guidance through Sunday, July 5th.  If you would like to read the Forward Virginia Phase 3 guidelines, you can find them here.  Meanwhile, please see below for details about pool operations and safety requirements under Phase 3.

Woodley pool operations under Phase 3:

  • Free swim will be allowed.  That means we are not limited to lap swimming only.  You will no longer have to reserve slots through the registration system for use of the main pool.
  • The pool's capacity will be limited to 75 percent of our capacity limit, so, no more than 171 members on the grounds at once.
  • Diving will be allowed, but please note that because of social distancing rules, there will be a limit to the number of members that may be using the boards at any one time.  We will place social distancing reminders on the deck by the diving boards.
  • Social distancing is still required, and will be key to ensuring that the Pool and grounds remain a safe place for all to enjoy.  For aquatic facilities, members must maintain 10 feet of distance between themselves and others outside their families.
  • The baby pool will be open. To ensure social distancing, we will require reservations through our online registration system accessible through our website.  It will allow four "family" slots for the baby pool enclosure.  Each family reservation must include 1 parent/adult supervisor 18 years or older and may include up to 2 children who are 5 years and younger.  Direct adult supervision is required at all times in the baby pool.  The baby pool reservations will be for 30 minute blocks of time.
  • Chairs will be placed on the grounds, but not on the pool deck.
  • The playground, grills, and shed will remain closed to members until further notice.
  • The pool will continue to be open to members 18 and older for the first hour the pool is open each day.  Until further notice, all six swim lanes will remain up during that first hour.  After the first hour, three lanes will remain to accommodate lap swimmers.
  • No toys (including squirt guns), balls, noodles, or rafts are allowed in the pool at any time.  This does not apply to personal flotation devices needed for swimming.  For example, Coast Guard approved life vests and swimming aids for children are OK.
  • Members 12 and under must continue to be accompanied by an adult to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines.

Additional Safety Considerations:

  • Safety remains our number one priority, for our membership and for the lifeguards working at Woodley.
  • Per Virginia Health Department guidelines, every member MUST continue to be checked prior to entry into the pool.  Please confirm to the lifeguards that you do not have any of the COVID symptoms posted prominently at the front desk.  If you are sick, please stay home.
  • Members must wear face masks entering and exiting the facility.  This is required by the State and County.  Your face mask protects the life guards, and their face mask protects you.
  • Further, Virginia Executive Order 63 is still in effect, mandating use of face masks indoors.  For us, that means members using the bathhouses must wear face masks.
  • While the lifeguards will be observing increased cleaning protocols, we encourage members to wipe down tables and chairs prior to use.  We are working on acquiring wipes for this purpose.
  • Social distancing must be maintained, and for aquatic facilities such as ours, the standard is 10 feet between family groups.  We have spaced tables accordingly.  While in the pool, please observe these guidelines.

Finally, as we've said before, we will continually evaluate these rules, and will adjust when needed, and when allowed by the State and Fairfax County.  This is a team effort, we are all in this together, and the execution of Phase 2 has been (relatively) smooth. Phase 3 is a major step forward in terms of access to and use of the pool and grounds.  We ask that everyone adhere to these guidelines, respect others' space, and if you are a parent of a child, please remember you are responsible for their conduct and their maintaining social distance (as well as your own).  Safety first means adhering to the rules, especially those that direct you to stay home if you feel sick.

Thank you again for your support of Woodley Pool.

If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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