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Woodley Recreation Association
July 16, 2020

Phase 3 Observations and Updates


A quick update today to provide a few observations and reminders, and to announce some changes based on feedback we have received from members as we continue to adjust under Virginia's Phase 3 reopening process.

First, we want to thank everyone for what has largely been a smooth opening under Phase 3.  We want to reiterate again how important it is that everyone take all health precautions seriously for the well-being of our membership and community, including wearing a mask upon entering and exiting the grounds, in the bathhouses, and when you cannot maintain proper social distance while on the grounds. You've surely noticed the health screening that the guards perform upon entry, in the form of questions about symptoms and travel.  These are mandated by the State, and they are meant to make members more self aware about their own health and how it can impact others.  Ideally, members should ask themselves these questions before they come to the pool.  If you are sick or don't feel well, please stay home. 

Second, please remember that as part of our effort to minimize health risks at the pool, we are not allowing toys and balls in either the main or baby pool.  These are items that typically get shared and handled by many people, especially kids, and can be an avenue for transmission.  Additionally, please remember that use of the baby pool is by reservation only for families in order to ensure that those using the baby pool can remain socially distanced.  Please refrain from using the baby pool outside of this system.

Adherence to these and all the pool rules are enforced by the guards, but really, everything works best if members take responsibility to police themselves and do what they can to ensure a welcoming environment for everyone.  The guards' primary job is to ensure the safety of swimmers, and the less they have to monitor these and other issues, the better.  We are all in this together, so please be mindful of others, and please help us maintain a safe and inviting environment for all.

Third, based on feedback and questions from the membership and our management company, please note the following:

  • Effective Monday, July 20th, all swims lanes may be reserved through the online registration system previously used to reserve lanes.  This includes the six lanes that are up during the first hour the pool is open each day (reserved for swimmers 18+) and the two swim lanes that are up the rest of the day.  Three spots per lane will be available.  Please note, we reduced the swim lanes that are up after the first hour to two to  reflect actual usage and to improve the ability of members to remain socially distanced in the free swim area of the pool.  As before, the guards can assist you with scheduling at the front desk.
  • We will be placing laminated cards or other indicators on the tables so that members can indicate when they leave that they have been at that table.  This will alert the guards more quickly when tables have been used and need to be cleaned, as well as members entering the grounds.  Please be sure to flip the card accordingly when you leave the pool.
  • During regular hours, after the first hour reserved for 18+, the dive well will remain dedicated to diving board use only.  This is to encourage social distancing in that area.
  • The Board has decided that for this summer no private swim lessons will be allowed in the pool.  This decision was made to reduce unnecessary contact in the pool between individuals who should otherwise be socially distanced.  We appreciate your understanding.  This does not apply to a parent or older sibling instructing a child from the same family unit.
  • Members must scan their cards to gain access to the grounds.  New members, or members who have requested replacement cards, will have cards made for them which will be available at the front desk for pickup usually within a week.

Lastly, in order to ensure that the pool can accommodate the Shareholders and members it already has while maintaining and encouraging social distancing, the Board has decided to cut off new memberships for non-shareholders.  Shareholders who have not yet purchased a share may still do so, or they may pay the inactive fee.  If you are a Shareholder, we remind you that you must either buy a summer membership or pay the inactive fee to maintain your share in good standing.

Thank you again for your support of Woodley Pool.

If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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