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June 2020


We hope this email finds everyone healthy and safe. We are excited to share with you the news that we will be opening the pool under Virginia's Phase 2 guidelines, once Northern Virginia enters Phase 2, which should be in a week or two. Whether that means we can open on June 13th as previously planned will depend on the timing of the move to Phase 2, but we believe we are close.

You can read the guidelines for yourself here. In particular, the Guidance For All Business Sectors (pages 1-4), and the swimming pool specific guidance (pages 23-24) apply to us.

Under the Phase 2 guidelines, the pool will be opening for lap swimming and water exercise only, until those restrictions are lifted. Recreational or play swimming is not allowed. At this time, it remains unclear how many members will be allowed on the pool grounds at once. We are clarifying this with our pool management company and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), and will provide further guidance soon.

We will implement a sign up process to reserve lap swim time, mostly likely through the same website that members use to purchase a membership. We will provide further details on this system once we have it in place. Please make sure to have your membership login credentials available and verify you can access your account now, in preparation for the sign ups.

The health and safety of our members remain our number one priority. Woodley Pool will strictly comply with all guidance and restrictions imposed by the State of Virginia and the VDH, as well as take a number of additional steps to ensure our members' safety. We want to provide some summer normalcy for our families, and specifically provide an outlet for healthy exercise, but we must do it in a manner that puts safety first. Members should expect the following safety measures during Phase 2:

• Members may not enter the facility if they do not meet the State's symptom guidelines which will be posted prominently at the front entrance. Further, members will be asked upon entering if they have any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, or muscle aches unrelated to exercise.
• Members will be required to sign a health acknowledgement form prior to their first visit to the pool. This will only be required once. We are working on means to achieve this electronically. More details will follow.
• Members will be required to wear face masks entering and exiting the facility. While on the grounds, you should continue to wear a face mask when you cannot maintain proper social distance. Face masks should not be worn in the pool.
• Tables will be placed around the grounds to maintain and encourage physical distancing, but members will have to bring their own chairs and take them when they are done. This is to reduce the shared use of chairs to enhance safety.
• Members will be encouraged to wipe their tables prior to and after use. Wipes will be provided.
• The baby pool is not allowed to open under Phase 2, and neither is the playground. Therefore, those areas will be closed and off-limits.
• The grills will not be accessible to members during Phase 2, and nor will the shed (including the ice machine and the refrigerators). Members should bring their own food and drink (and ice) and take it with them when they leave.
Regarding the pool and the lap swimming, some things to note:
• The length of the blocks of time is still being determined, but will be no less than 30 minutes. We are working with our management company to determine the cleaning routine; once settled, we will know exactly how long the blocks will be.
• Each lane will be limited to a maximum of 3 swimmers per lane. There will be 6 lanes.
• The first two hours the pool is open each day will be reserved for members who are 18 and over. During this time, only members 18 and over may enter the facility and pool grounds.
• Lap swimmers of all ages who have passed the swim test may access the grounds and swim laps during the remaining open hours not reserved for 18+.
• Lap swimmers 12 and under must be accompanied by a member who is a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible adult (18+) on the membership. This individual must remain on site to supervise, but need not be in the pool during lap swimming.
• There is no minimum age to swim laps, but swimmers must meet the swim test (swim one length of the pool without stopping/touching bottom, followed by treading water for 1 minute). Parents must not sign up their children for lap swimming if they cannot swim laps.
• The dive well will be open for diving, and will be limited to 3 people in the well at a time. Distancing markers will be used to ensure proper distancing at the boards.

We are excited that we will be able to open soon. We want to emphasize that this really is a team effort, and we ask that everyone adhere to the guidelines, respect others' space, and if you are a parent of a child, please remember that you are responsible for their conduct and for their maintaining social distancing (as well as your own). Safety first means adhering to the rules, especially those that direct you to stay home if you feel sick.

No plan is perfect. We will adjust as necessary as we go through these first several weeks together. We ask your patience as we open Woodley under conditions unique in our history.

Thank you, and we hope to see you at the pool!

Membership Information 

Consider Purchasing a Share: If you have not previously purchased a share, you have the option of becoming a part owner of Woodley by purchasing a Share (called a Bond in the membership system), during registration. Becoming a Shareholder entitles you to:
• Discounted membership rates; up to $95 off a Family Membership.
• A guaranteed spot each year. Non-shareholders memberships are first-come first serve.
• For any association decisions requiring a vote, each share is entitled to one vote.
Find Your Woodley Membership Cards: Your Woodley Membership Card from last season will be used again this season, so dig though those pool bags and swimsuit pockets to find your cards. If you can't find them, please let us know as soon as possible. Request replacement cards HERE.

Finally, it takes a village to make the pool run smoothly and efficiently, especially in these times, while keeping costs low. Let us know if you can lend us a helping hand. We are looking for cleaners, organizers and generally handy people to help with tasks at the pool.

If you have friends or neighbors who are interested in Woodley, please let them know that registration will be available on February 1st. Information and registration for new members will be available on the WEBSITE.

If you have any questions please EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

See you at the pool.

Membership Committee
Jen Keefer, Jon Clark, Matt Pollack


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