2021 Pavilion Rental Information

Woodley members may use the pavilion free of charge when it is not reserved for a party. A reservation and payment will guarantee you use of the Pavilion for a specific date and time.

Please review the pavilion rental calendar on the Woodley Pool website for the latest calendar of available rental dates and times, after which you can use the 'Pavilion Rental Request' form to make your reservation. 

Pavilion Rentals Details:

  • The Pavilion is only open for rental on the dates indicated on the website. Generally, the Pavilion is not available for rental on holiday weekends owing to the high level of activity at the pool on those days.  The Pavilion may also be unavailable for rental during pool-sponsored events.  Please refer to the calendar before submitting a rental request.
  • Pavilion Rental Fee is $200 for a 4-hour reservation.
  • On the pavilion rental form, you will need to indicate:
    • Estimated Total Number of Guests
    • Estimated Number of Guests Who are not Members of Woodley Pool
  • There is a fee of $5 per each non-member aged 3 and older regardless of whether they plan to swim.
  • As part of the pavilion rental request, you will need to indicate how the $5 non-member fee will be paid.
    •  Fee Paid By Host. Lifeguards will collect the non-member guest fees from you at the conclusion of your event
    • Fee Paid By Non-Members Upon Arrival For The Event. Lifeguards will collect the fees at the front desk as each non-member guest signs in for the event. 
  • If your event will have 50 or more total guests, we have to charge $30/hour for an extra lifeguard. That will bring the total Pavilion Rental Fee to $320.
  • Event set-up and clean up must be completed within the 4-hour rental time.
  • Pavilion clean up includes removal of all decorations and pick-up of all food and trash from the tables and pavilion floor.
  • All individuals must abide by the Woodley Recreation Association Pool Rules. A copy of the rules and regulations are posted on the wall by the front desk.
  • You will be responsible for any damages caused by willful misconduct of individuals attending your event.
  • Placing decorations, bringing food, and providing music are all allowed in the pavilion area.
  • Your event will share the Pavilion amenities with the other Members of Woodley Pool (e.g. foosball table, grills, ice machine, microwave, and refrigerator). They are not for the exclusive use of the Pavilion.
  • While your guests may continue to use the pool, the pavilion will be open to all members at the end of the 4-hour rental time. Members remain responsible for their guests who remain after the Pavilion rental time has concluded.


  • If the pool closes due inclement weather during your event, you will have to move your event to another venue. Please have a back-up plan and location in place. All members and guests must abide by the manager’s decision in this regard.
  • If the pool is closed due to inclement weather at the start time of your event, you will have the option to either reschedule your party or cancel your party and request a refund of the Pavilion Reservation Fee.